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Welcome to SHOGIMASTER.COM where you can download a computer version of the Japanese chess Shogi. This Shogi program version named GShogi 1.0 was written almost ten years ago and has been sitting and waiting on a forsaken part of some hard drive. Apart from the lucky few, players were practically cut short of this great electronic version of Shogi. GShogi was written in 1998 by Djuro Emedji, a longtime Shogi fan of this in Japan very popular game with it's popularity and tournament prizes matching those of golf. The good people at UBRANO decided that in 2007 something had to be done about spreading this excellent Shogi title. We repacked it in a brand new installation pack to facilitate a smooth setup. Now all the fans can have a go at Shogi. GShogi can be run under DOS and most versions of Windows. Playing Shogi, your age does not matter. Nor does the time you have at your disposal to play, be it 5 minuts or 5 hours. With Gshogi - a Shogi application - you can play Shogi whenever you feel like it, as fast and as long as you wish to.  Download, install, play and enjoy the wonderful game of Shogi.

As we look forward to improvements and fresh content at SHOGIMASTER.COM we cordially invite you to check back regularly and see the news about Shogi.