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Shogi software - freeware program - GShogi

As you may have already read on the welcoming page GShogi was written in 1998 by Djuro Emedji, a lifetime Shogi fan of this in Japan widespread and popular board game. The Shogi - a game so popular that tournament prizes match those of golf. We at UBRANO decided in 2007 to repack this great Shogi title in a new installation pack and facilitate an easy setup and use for all Shogi fans. GShogi can be used with DOS and most Windows.

GShogi strictly follows traditional guidelines and rules of Shogi without any modern rule add-ons and senseless "improvements" to already fantastic traditional rules of the great game of Shogi. Those of you meeting Shogi for the first time, might learn there are a few differences between classical Chess and the classic version of Shogi. The Shogi board is slightly larger in field size amounting to 9 x 9, with somewhat prolonged fields in the vertical dimension. The playing pieces in Shogi are flat pentagonal wooden pieces again prolonged in the vertical dimension pointing towards the opponent's side. The pieces in Shogi when taken from the enemy do not become useless, but can be reintroduced into the game once the player has the move in the manner that the reintroduction replaces a move on the board. Pieces in Shogi get promoted according to certain rules, like in real time military soldiers get promoted for their effort.

To all those holding back in fear of decipherable Japanese symboling in Shogi a comforting thought flies out as GShogi contains two western style sets in addition to the traditional and a shorten symbol version Shogi Japanese sets. Both non-Japanese Shogi sets are very clear and understandable to most non-Asian players as they depict the strength of the pieces and possible movement directions in Shogi.

In case you are even remotely interested, we invite you to download GShogi and rules of the Shogi game. We are certain you will - as millions before you - realize the charm and excitement of Shogi and soon come to love this fantastic game. It's Shogi time, let's play.